About Us


My name is Eric and I live with my partner Laura in an old Victorian home.

This is the second home we have had together and for all of my life (my parents live in a very old house) I have known nothing but problems with damp and mould on walls!

They owned Dehumidifiers from when they first came out and when I got my first house, I bought one too.

I suffer with hayfever quite badly and Laura also has asthma. Using a Dehumidifier has helped dramatically reduce problems we both experience with this, especially in the summer and winter.

Our first home – so much damp we had to have the plaster redone – ancient Dehumidifier visible!

We also don’t own a tumble dryer (the house isn’t big enough for one yet!) and utilise our Dehumidifier to dry our clothes washing. This is a huge thing for us and one of the main reasons I decided to create Dehumidifier Hub, is because I was shocked at the amount of my friends and family who dried clothes on their radiators.

When you don’t open your windows and dry clothes inside, the damp and moisture goes onto the walls, into the air and clings to objects in your home. I made this website to share my knowledge I have gained about Dehumidifiers in the hope to educate those who are not sure and did not know certain facts about Dehumidifiers.

We hope you enjoy Dehumidifier Hub and please contact us if you have a comment or suggestion!