How Do I Know if My Dehumidifier Is Working

Dehumidifiers are wonderful pieces of equipment that improve our quality of life. Most of us are guilty of turning ours on and walking away; safe in the knowledge that it will continue to draw unwanted moisture and humidity from the air. It is only when we come to empty the collection tank or notice that … Read more

Where Should I Place My Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers remove the moisture from humid air, replacing it with colder, drier air that makes indoor living more bearable. The positioning of a dehumidifier is vital to ensure it runs at maximum efficiency. Put in the wrong place could not only be counter-productive, it might also be dangerous. Knowing where to place your dehumidifier guarantees … Read more

Does A Dehumidifier Help Dry Paint

It can seem like an age for the paint to dry between coats. If you’re a busy tradesperson or just an impatient DIYer, you might wonder if using a dehumidifier helps paint to dry faster. While it seems that a dehumidifier is a useful tool when preparing a room for painting, a fan heater is … Read more

Will a Dehumidifier Stop Condensation?

There are many benefits of using a dehumidifier.Including reduced condensation forming, especially during the winter months. The dehumidifier extracts humidity from the air in a room, which otherwise would form as condensation on your windows.Condensation will form in all rooms on the windows and in the bathroom on the mirror when excessive moisture cannot escape … Read more

Will a Dehumidifier Kill My Plants

Houseplants bring the natural beauty of a garden indoors, but, different species need different conditions to ensure they thrive. Plants are particular about their needs if they’re going to flourish; they need sunlight, temperature control, and good humidity. If you rely on a dehumidifier to control the moisture levels in your home, before spending a … Read more

Does a Dehumidifier Help with Mould?

The primary reason I purchased my first dehumidifier was to help eliminate condensation on old windows… the second reason was to stop black mould from forming on the walls! Mould loves humid atmospheres, don’t mistake humidity for heat – you can have a very cold and humid atmosphere! Mould thrives in humidity levels of 60% … Read more

At what temperature do Dehumidifiers stop working?

The instruction manual for your Dehumidifier should provide you with information on what temperature to stop using your Dehumidifier in. According to EcoAir, their Dehumidifiers stop working in temperatures of 5 Degrees Celsius (5°C) – 41 Degrees Fahrenheit ( 41°F). When the ambient air temperature in the room the dehumidifier is being used in reaches … Read more

What size Dehumidifier do you need?

Welcome to the complete guide to explain to you just exactly which size dehumidifier you need. Everyone’s set of circumstances is difference, therefore you shouldn’t assume that a particular size or power of dehumidifier will be sufficient in your home. Firstly, it is important to actually talk about size and what we mean by this: … Read more

Does a Dehumidifier Cool a Room?

does a dehumidifier cool a room

Dehumidifiers are used by millions of people every day to make their homes comfortable. The short answer is yes they do cool a room, even though the air they blow out can be warm. Continue reading to find out why! Confusions on what they can and cannot do arises from not understanding how they work. … Read more

What is a Dehumidifier Used for?

Dehumidifiers are becoming common in most modern homes as well as older, damper homes. This has paved the way for the broad range of basic and advanced dehumidifiers on the market today. The conception that a Dehumidifier is costly is no longer true today – with a broad range of prices you can find a … Read more