Dehumidifiers For Damp Cellars

If you live in a house that has a cellar and are unlucky enough for it to be damp, you will most likely have explored many options as to how to reduce the moisture levels in your cellar.

damp cellar dehumidifier

So that you can actually store things down there and not have a mould problem.

Whilst the ultimate fix for reducing damp cellars is to have them tanked or to seal the walls and floor to stop moisture from permeating, there are some alternative methods of maintaining a better humidity  level in the cellar which will help to control the damp and situation.

One method of reducing the damp in a cellar is to use a dehumidifier.

You would have more success in using a dehumidifier that is able to suck 10 litres or more of water out of a room in a day.

However, any dehumidifier will aid with the damp problem somewhat.

If you can find a dehumidifier with a large tank for the water collection this would be better also as you would not have to make too many trips to empty the water tank.

There is an alternative option to save you having to keep emptying the water tank.

This is to use the continuous flow pipe that attaches into the hole – usually on the back of the dehumidifier – this allows the water collected to pass through a short length of pipe or hosepipe and to flow into a large water container such as a bucket.

Which means you can leave the dehumidifier extracting water overnight or for long periods during the day and then empty large amounts of water in one go.

The hose continuous flow feature is applicable to most dehumidifiers and most will come with all the necessary components you need to set up this operation.

All you will need is some sort of water container such as a bucket.

Although using a dehumidifier for a damp cellar will never completely eradicate the problem, it will certainly help you maintain the damp and mould growth problem that you may have.

Dehumidifiers do not take up a huge amount of electricity so it is okay to leave the machine running for long periods of time to help to maintain the lower level of humidity and damp in the cellar.

If you are working towards a project of tanking your seller or treating the walls to be sealed against moisture passing through, you may need to get the seller into a dryer state.

Using a dehumidifier is a quicker way to achieve this.

There are not many other ways other than using an electric fan heater -which is not a great idea as this would use a huge amount of electric for very little result

The other option is to wait until summertime and allow the cellar to receive lots of natural fresh air to help to dry it out.

However, this is a long and painstaking process and might not even be effective enough for the project you want to complete.

Using a dehumidifier is a much quicker and more controlled way of reducing the moisture levels in your damp cellar.