Does a Dehumidifier Cool a Room?

Dehumidifiers are used by millions of people every day to make their homes comfortable. The short answer is yes they do cool a room, even though the air they blow out can be warm. Continue reading to find out why!

Confusions on what they can and cannot do arises from not understanding how they work. A lot of people can’t tell the difference between dehumidifiers and air conditioning units. Do they produce or condition the air? Most people know air conditioning will make a room feel colder but what about Dehumidifiers?

As the name suggests, a dehumidifier’s purpose is to help you control humidity. Simple as that. Dehumidifiers suck in humid air from the room and remove moisture from it.
In the dehumidifier, there is a fan that draws in the air to pass over a cold coil causing the moisture from the air to condense.

The droplets are then drained away into the containers inside the Dehumidifier or through the pipes to an external bucket or drain. The dense misty air that entered the unit is then left dry and to make it free-flowing, it is heated back to its original temperature by a hot coil before being pushed back into your room.

A dehumidifier, therefore, unlike the air conditioner, does not generate cold air but will take in existing moist air, remove the moisture from it and release it back into the room at pretty much the same temperature at which it entered.

Does a dehumidifier, therefore, help cool a room?

Bedrooms can feel damp, musty and humid.

Did you know that when the level of humidity is high, air will feel warmer than the real temperature actually is? That is a fact and to answer the question of whether a dehumidifier helps in cooling a room, yes, it does. Because the less humid air feels cooler to us than the more humid air.

When the room is hot, sweat evaporates from the skin a lot and settles in the air causing the air to be dense and moist. Humidity is that thick wetness in the air and creates that heavy, damp feeling you experience. Sometimes if a room has 90%+ humidity, your skin will feel clammy and you cannot get dry because the moisture from your own sweat or the air cannot evaporate due to the humidity level.

The humid-filled atmosphere is slow flowing and traps heat and smells within the room. By pumping it through the dehumidifier, water vapor is taken away, and its density reduced making it flow smoothly taking away heat from surfaces and leaving behind a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


Dehumidifiers help to cool a room because we naturally feel a more humid room to be hotter, even if the temperature is the same as a lower humidity room.

If you feel the air coming out of the dehumidifier, it is warm, but it will not increase the temperature inside the room.

There is nothing better than walking into a room that has had a dehumidifier on for a few hours – it does feel cooler and more healthy.