Does a Dehumidifier Help With Dust?

Does a Dehumidifier help with dust?


We all want to live in clean homes and the less time we have to spend cleaning those homes the better


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So, is using a dehumidifier a quick way to reduce the level of dust in your home?

Dehumidifiers work by sucking air from the room in through the vent.
It is then extracted of moisture which gathers in the water collection tank below.

The air is passed through a purification filter within the dehumidifier, which helps to reduce dust pollen and other spores or bacteria in the air.
The air that is pushed out of the machine is cleaner and fresher and actually smells really good too.

Whilst your dehumidifier will not grow arms and do the dusting for you, it will indeed catch some of the dust that passes through the filter in the air.
The amount of dust caught will become evident when you begin to regularly clean the air filter using a soft cloth or hoover attachment.

You will see the buildup of dust on the filter and realise that all of that dust would have been floating around in the air and landing on services had it not passed through your dehumidifier.
A dehumidifier is excellent for reducing moisture levels in rooms and therefore reducing the ability for bacteria and dust mites to live and spread.

By filtering the air in your home and by rotating the dehumidifier to switch rooms occasionally you will notice a significant drop in the level of dust in your home.
Whilst the dust will never stop completely, because there will always be other factors such as bringing in dust and dirt from the outside into your home and from the natural way in which dust forms from fabrics, pets and skin.

But using a dehumidifier will certainly help to reduce the levels of dust in your home.
Helping you to not need to dust as often!