EcoAir DC18 Review

EcoAir DC18 Review

Choosing the best dehumidifier is an important decision – it is going to be with you for years.

However, you probably don’t want to waste hours of your day researching every different make and model to decide on the best.

You may be pleased to find out that we have done the hard work for you in our concise and easy to digest reviews.ecoair dc18 dehumidifier


Today we are looking at the Eco Air DC18 dehumidifier.

This is a seriously successful dehumidifier and is a newer model than the hugely successful DC122.

So how does it differ and supersede?


How it looks

The EcoAir DC18 looks extremely sleek and small. The shiny white finish makes it look perfect in a modern home. We love the black sides with round hole pattern.

The design and shape of this dehumidifier is excellent, it has a mare water tank (3.5 litre) which is incorporated cleverly into the machine, so that it does not make it a huge bulky dehumidifier.

Also, instead of the purified air coming out of the top of the dehumidifier where things could fall in, the air comes out of the side of the dehumidifier. Which is a better option.

We love the touchscreen style buttons on the top of the machine, which gives you full control over the dehumidifier settings, power usage and it also alerts you when the filter needs cleaning and the water needs emptying.

(On more basic models, it can be to easy to forget all about changing or cleaning the filter and even forgetting to empty the water out of the tank.)

Sometimes you could set up the dehumidifier without realised the water tank was nearly full. It them turns itself off and you have to empty the tank before it starts running again.

However with the convenient reminders on this dehumidifier, you won’t forget again.

ecoair dc12 control panel


  • Can extract up to 18 litres of water per day – this is a huge amount of water.
  • The water tank is 3.5 litres, so you don’t have to keep emptying it.
  • The Dc18 has hidden castor wheels, which makes it much easier to move around and to work around (if you need to move it quickly or struggle to carry heavy objects.)
  • There is a 2 hour or 4 hour set timer, which you could set to run if you were going to bed and didn’t want it to run all night.
  • Quiet dehumidifier 43Db
  • Cable tidy on the back of the dehumidifier.
  • Option to use a continuous hose feed, for very damp areas or rooms.


Honest Review

The Eco Air brand is a tried and trusted brand and this model, the EcoAir DC18 reflects that high quality reputation.
It feels extremely robust and well made, is economical and does everything you want it to. (Including some features that are missing from other models.)

There really aren’t any negatives about this machine, it is slightly more expensive than some previous models. But for the extra money, you are getting way more features and usability.

It dried washing very well thanks to its ability to remove large volumes of water from the air more quickly than other models.


ecoair dc18 reverse side

What we love about the EcoAir DC18

  1. The convenient button panel in touch screen style. It makes it much easier to know exactly what level of humidity your room is at.
  2. The hidden castor wheels and wire tidy hooks on the back of the dehumidifier. (Tiny details that make a big difference to how easy it is to use.)
  3. The hug amount of water sucking ability. 18 Litres a day is massive!

What could be improved with the EcoAir DC18

  1. The filter is fairly small, so it needs to be cleaned more often that others, every two weeks minimum.
  2. The air blown out it quite cool – great in the summer, not so great in the winter.


Who it is perfect for

The EcoAir DC18 is perfect for someone or a family who wants to dry a lot of washing indoors. As well as this, the Dehumidifier is a fantastic all rounder with some great power for moisture removal.

This dehumidifier has a higher suction rate and quickly extracts the moisture from the air from washing.

Some other models take longer to dry washing or to dry out very damp rooms and it can feel like the dehumidifier can’t keep up with the moisture in the room and the walls.

Not with the DC18, this dehumidifier is more than capable, and providing you are happy to empty the container every few hours, you can leave this dehumidifier going day and night on varying speeds, (low overnight is best for maximum effect. Use the dehumidifier on the high setting for washing.)