EcoAir DD122 Dehumidifier Review

Buying a good dehumidifier is a way to change the environment and air quality of your home for good.

So when researching which one, you need to know the answers to some key, basic questions that will shape mean you get the best dehumidifier for your money.

The Eco Air DD122 is a long standing highly reputable dehumidifier, we explore why, its features, pros, cons and who this dehumidifiers perfect for and why.

Lets see if it lives up to its name and popularity.


How It Looks

So the EcoAir looks sleek, is relatively small and quite lightweight to move around.

We like the blue sides, that are also available in pink (if thats your thing). The light blue gives the impression of purity and cleanliness.

The handle is good and strong, and the cable is a decent length for you to be able to move it around the room.
The 122 has a plastic vent which allows warm purified air to escape, this is moveable and can direct the airflow in a certain direction.

The draw is strong and sturdy with a handle built in. Its really easy to pull out, but you tend to get water on your hands when peeling off the rubber lid to empty the water tank.

It has a white body, with a simple sleek shape, so it tucks away neatly in between uses and doesn’t look unsightly when in use and on show.



  • It can suck 7 litres of water out of the air in a day, the tank is only 2 litres, so this doesn’t mean emptying a few times.
  • A rotary humidistat operation allows you to maximise the power saving abilities.
  • There is an anti bacterial filter which helps with allergies and asthma.
  • Tilt protection, if the machine falls over it will stop.
  • Ful tank switch off – the machine will turn itself off if the water tank become full, to save power.
  • 2-4 hours to dry washing with special setting.
  • Economical operation, doesn’t drain power considering the effective job it does.
  • Quiet – 34db
  • No harmful gas or compressor.


ecoair dd122 compartment removal


Honest Review

Having used one of these  dehumidifiers for some years, we are completely for choosing this particular model. It has never let us down at all.

At one point we even used it in a very damp cellar, where we used the hose pipe continuous flow of water suction. We were filling buckets of water, (way too much to fit into the tank.)

The filter is extremely easy to clean, a quick once over with the hoover nozzle or a tissue and thats it.
Buying a replacement filter is something we haven’t actually done yet, but probably should.

After years of using it with just the one filter, it still does an incredible job. We just may have lost some of the antibacterial properties. (When we buy a new filter, we will be sure to let you know how we picked the best one for the best price!)

It is a really simple dehumidifier to use, just plug in and go. The dial on top of the dehumidifier makes it really quick and easy to select the power level you would like. Whether it is on the high setting for drying washing, or just on low, for getting rid of extra moisture from the air.

It is easy to move around the hose, only having one wire, we use it to dry the washing, and for freshening the rooms of extra water vapour. This means we don’t have condensation in the winter and it also helps with my asthma and allergies.

eco air dd122 top view

Why we love the Eco Air DD122

  1. When the dehumidifiers been on for a few hours in any room and you walk into it, it is like walking into a fresh air spa. There really is a noticeable difference in quality.
  2. Even when having this dehumidifier on 24/7, there isn’t a spike in the electric bill, it really is eco friendly.
  3. We use it for drying washing indoors, even throughout the summer months. When the pollen count is high and you dry your washing outside, the pollen and allergens land on your clean washing and stick to them. Which makes your hay fever even worse. (When you dry using the dehumidifier your washing smells cleaner and fresher and doesn’t have the additional pollen attached to it that it would if you dried it outside.


What could be improved about this dehumidifier

  1. If the tank was sightly bigger, this would be convenient, as it would mean less emptying trips.
  2. The dial on top makes it easy to set the speed setting of the dehumidifier, but other than 85% and 35%, humidity levels, no other number is marked, which makes it a little difficult to work out the humidity level of your room.
  3. When the dehumidifier has running fo a while, the airs that gets blown out is warm. Whilst this is great in the winter months for warmth, it is not so great if you get a really hot day in the summer.