Will a Dehumidifier Stop Condensation?

There are many benefits of using a dehumidifier.
Including reduced condensation forming, especially during the winter months.

The dehumidifier extracts humidity from the air in a room, which otherwise would form as condensation on your windows.
Condensation will form in all rooms on the windows and in the bathroom on the mirror when excessive moisture cannot escape the room other ways.

To combat condensation you have to open windows even during the winter, use a dehumidifier or use portable dehumidifying products such as the Aero Bond 360

Why is condensation bad?

Whilst condensation is a natural formation of moisture from the air onto surfaces, it is a bit is an inconvenience when your windows are dripping with water.

This water can damage frames, window sills and furnishings.

It also becomes very apparent as to how much moisture is in the room when you can physically see it on the windows.

Excess moisture is not good for health, breathing or allergies.

If the moisture in the room can’t escape, it will settle on any surfaces or fabrics such as bedding or sofas in the living room. Which is not exactly ideal.

You can use a dehumidifier at any time of the day although you probably wouldn’t want to have one running in the room you are sitting or sleeping in as they can be quite noisy and annoying

It is ideal if you can leave the dehumidifier running throughout the day in the bedroom – this will reduce the moisture and potential mould growth.

Which will inevitably lead to less condensation on the windows in the morning.

Will it fix the problem?

Whilst using a dehumidifier will aid in reducing the amount of condensation you have every morning, it will not ever completely stop condensation as there will always be a humidity level in a room.

But the continued use of a dehumidifier will aid in the management of moisture levels forming as condensation and help you to have better air-quality in the rooms of your house.

The good thing about a dehumidifier is that it can be carried around the house and set up in different rooms at different times.

It does not have to be fixed in one room and or fixed down.

A dehumidifier can extract anything from 1 litre up to about 15 litres of water from a single room in one day.

Which is a large amount of water!!

No wonder your windows have so much condensation on them in the morning!

If we are talking about rooms which are prone to high moisture levels such as kitchens and bathrooms, then adding dehumidifier can work well but the progress of reducing the moisture level will be effectively undone when you next use the shower, bath or cooker and produce steam.

This will put moisture back into the air.

In such circumstances in the kitchen or bathroom, it may be more beneficial to rely on using open windows to ventilate the room and to use a dehumidifier overnight on a low setting to remove excess moisture from the room and to limit the amount of condensation that will form in the morning.